DIUREX® MAX Water Caplets

  • Caffeine free
  • Aspirin free
  • Single caplet dosage
  • Contains maximum strength “bloat relief” medicine in a pure diuretic formula

DIUREX® MAX Water Caplets are intended for the needs of women who want only menstrual diuretic “bloat relief” medicine…without other active ingredients that may not be needed or wanted.

Each single caplet dose contains the maximum strength of a medically recognized diuretic to help gently increase the outflow of temporary excess body water for hour-after-hour relief of monthly water weight gain, bloat, puffiness, swelling, and pressure related discomforts.

DIUREX MAX Water Caplets dissolve quickly and start to work immediately to provide dependable hour-after-hour relief. Plus, each caplet is specially coated for ease of swallowing.

Millions of women trust DIUREX®…The Bloat Medicine® to relieve pre-menstrual and menstrual discomforts.

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