DIUREX® Water Pills

  • The original water pill
  • Easy-to-swallow
  • Gentle diuretic formula to relieve bloat, puffiness and water weight gain
  • Relieves related fatigue

DIUREX, America’s #1 selling water pill,. contains an effective yet gentle diuretic that helps promptly increase the outflow of temporary excess body water, relieve monthly water weight gain, puffiness, bloat, swelling and pressure-related cramps.

DIUREX Water Pills contain an effective pain reliever to help temporarily relieve minor menstrual associated pain and discomforts of cramps, spasms, backache, headache, muscular aches, breast tenderness, and minor pains due to overexertion, stress and strain.

Millions of women trust DIUREX®…The Bloat Medicine® to relieve pre-menstrual and menstrual discomforts.

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