• Instant Dry
  • Crystal Clear
  • No Mess

Maximum Strength FUNGICURE® INTENSIVE Spray Liquid is strong medicine for the cure of most finger and toe area fungal infections. FUNGICURE INTENSIVE Spray Liquid contains the active ingredient Clotrimazole, recognized as both safe and effective by an FDA Expert Advisory Panel, when used as directed. FUNGICURE INTENSIVE Anti-Fungal Spray Liquid starts working promptly to eliminate fungus wherever reachable with its effective spray liquid, including fungus on cuticles and skin around nail edges which, if left untreated, can migrate to and infect healthy skin and nails.

FUNGICURE INTENSIVE relieves itching, burning, cracking and related discomforts. The easy-to-use, non-aerosol pump spray bottle even works upside down. FUNGICURE INTENSIVE Spray Liquid is the convenient, no-mess way to deal with troublesome finger and toe area fungal infections.

In some instances, finger and toe area fungal infections can reside beneath or within intact nail surfaces which are not penetrable by, nor treatable with, OTC topical anti-fungal medications. If you believe you may have a fungus infection of this nature, consult your doctor for diagnosis and proper treatment options.

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