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Nail Clarifying Liquid Gel

Improves the appearance of discolored finger and toe nails: Whitens, Brightens, & Conditions

NailClear by Fungicure Nail Clarifying Liquid Gel helps brighten and clarify finger and toe nails by removing unsightly nail discoloration caused by fungus, nail polish, smoking, food stains, etc.

NailClear by Fungicure Nail Clarifying Liquid Gel starts working with the very first application to improve the overall appearance of nails. Its unique cosmetic formula includes:

  • Acetic acid to clear away nail debris and discoloration
  • Undecylenic acid and tea tree oil to create an environment inhospitable to fungus
  • Isopropyl alcohol that works as a cleansing agent

The nail clarifying liquid gel dries fast and the QuickBrush™ applicator makes it easy to apply with no mess.

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